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Lupa J ‘Pull me under’

on release, the album is bound to cement Lupa J’s name as one of the country’s most forward-thinking and inventive in this pop sphere
— Pilerats (AU)
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ArowAgency is an Australian based services company, specialising in artist management, digital marketing, social media management and music publicity.

With combined experience across marketing, digital and social media, publicity, radio, A&R, artist development, label management and publishing, co-founders Elizabeth Browne and Tamara Georgopoulos work to create engaging campaigns to connect artists and organisations with their audiences.

ArowAgency aims to bring creativity, passion and a dedicated focus to everything they do.



We proudly manage a roster of incredibly talented writers, producers, artists and influencers. Click below to learn more about our roster.


Publicity is the megaphone for your release; it's an invaluable tool that puts your music in front of fans, industry folk and tastemakers alike! With a focus on online media, we create bespoke campaigns to suit your next single, EP or album release.



From social media, media buying, Google SEO and AdWords, we love all things digital marketing.
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A slick social media presence for any brand or business is so important. We specialise in creating and maintaining social accounts and managing marketing campaigns for acquisition and awareness results.


BAD PONY ‘Half blood’

Sydney’s Bad Pony look like they may be next in line to break out.
— SXSW (U.S.)