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Lupa J

“‘You’re In My Headphones’ is one of Lupa J’s best releases to date. The crisp composition struts with a charismatic confidence and persuasive production. The underlying production promenades with an unparalleled groove, resulting in a robust foundation for the single’s lavish lyrics. Forged through magnetic hooks and an ingenious top line, Lupa J’s vivacious vocals gradually grow, flooding the soundscape with succulent semblance. Lupa J is certainly one of Australia’s strongest indie pop acts. Be sure to stay in the loop with the muso’s movements.”

Futuremag Music - Nov 2018

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Sam Phay

“A broadening sense of rippling energy and a slow, linear crescendo set us up for the big final lift. The beat and the emotion, are both filled with a wide sense of space, which feels like comfort. Trace, the new single from Sam Phay, is a minimal electronic keeper with a vocal performance firmly rooted in melodic pop.”

Chill Filtr - Nov 2018

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No Frills Twins

“Following an absolutely stellar 2017, which saw No Frill Twins reach some serious career highlights, including signing to Universal Music Australia and releasing the single ‘Love Me Tender’, they’re going out on an absolute high with the release of their newest single, ‘Lonely With You’.

Don’t Bore Us - Dec 2017

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Bad Pony

“Promoters and agents lined the outskirts of the crowd, nodding in recognition of Bad Pony’s growing reputation… it won’t be long before the band complete a full set of international deals. Adrenaline-fuelled, raucous and executed with controlled power, Bad Pony’s live set is as indelible as their songs: infectious and satisfyingly polished.”

The Industry Observer - March 2018

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Club Yorke Press Shot.png

Club Yorke

“‘Stop The Bleeding’ wastes no time, ushered in with the barrelling vocals of frontman Sam Burtt before the instruments catch up, crawling their way into a roaring chorus you’d more so expect from the likes of Bruce Springsteen than a group from Victoria. ‘Stop The Bleeding’ isn’t just musically epic, but thematically, with the band wearing their heart on their sleeve to deliver a perfectly articulated emotional message.”

Music Feeds - May 2018

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